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Studying together in one of our language schools

Ladies and Gentleman, drumrolls please … we proudly present the English version of our website Whether you are finding us from Europe or from overseas, we are pleased to be able to now offer our unique services to people from across the globe. We will find the perfect language course for you – suitable for your level of English, age and interests. We invite you to check out our website and browse through the different services we offer.

Over 200 partner schools in England, Scotland, Ireland and Malta

Learn English in Oxford

English in Britain has over 20 years of experience in finding the best language course for you. Finding the right English course can be an overwhelming and time consuming experience. Having visited over 200 schools, we will find exactly what you’re are looking for, even if you are not sure yet yourself. Learn English in the heart of British culture and experience the joys of busy and multicultural London. Or study with thousands of others in one of Britain’s great university cities Oxford and Cambridge. If you prefer being in a city surrounded by nature or maybe have an interest in Celtic culture, you might be even more comfortable in Edinburgh, Dublin or Limerick. Do all of these places sound a little bit too cold for you? Do not despair, we also have cooperations with excellent language schools in Malta, where you can improve both your English and your tan.

Suited to your level of English

Whether you are still in high school or want to learn a new skill at an advanced age, we will find your perfectly suited course. We offer courses exclusively for children or teenagers as well as courses specially designed for participants over 30, 40 or 50. Spending time with other learners and native speakers will let you see huge improvements in your language skills in no time. And don’t worry if you are not sure about your exact level of English, just take our short online language test and find out. Additionally, we are always happy to have a chat with you and help you identify what you need from an English course.

Suited to your interests

English course and drawing classes in one trip

Learned English in school but haven’t used your skills in years? Just started a new job and feel slightly overwhelmed by business emails received from colleagues broad? About to finish school and looking at universities or a spending a gap year in an English-speaking country? Fascinated by British culture and want to explore more in its native language? Whatever your objectives might be, we have the expertise and connections to help you fulfil them. We offer preparation courses for certificates such as the CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced), IELTS (International English language testing system) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign English), as well as specifically focused business English courses. For those of you who want to improve their English in an area of their own interest, we also offer our exclusive English+ courses, which offer language courses in combination with sports, arts, hiking or wellness.

We welcome your feedback

Do you have any other questions, comments or feedback on our website or services? We would be delighted to hear from you. Just send us a quick message via our contact form or send us an email at

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