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Sie wissen nicht genau, auf welchem Stand Ihr Englisch ist? Dann hilft Ihnen unser kostenloser Englisch Einstufungstest online! Ein Test hilft Ihnen Ihr ungefähres Englisch-Niveau basierend auf Ihrer Kenntnis der englischen Grammatik, Ihrem Wortschatz und Ihrem Englisch in Alltagssituationen zu bestimmen. Dies kann allerdings nicht einen vollständigen Einstufungstest mit einem schriftlichen und mündlichen Teil ersetzen und ermöglicht somit ist unser online Englisch Einstufungstest nur eine grobe Einschätzung.

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Nachfolgend finden Sie die 50 Fragen unseres allgemeinen Englisch Einstufungstest online. Bitte beginnen Sie mit der ersten Frage und beantworten Sie diese dann der Reihe nach. Sie müssen alle Fragen beantworten. Für jede Frage gibt es nur eine korrekte Antwort.

1. Are you English? No, I am _____.*
2. I live in _____ small town near Munich*
3. All my friends _____ in Berlin.*
4. My hobby is football. What _____ your hobbies?*
5. _____ you like Italian food?*
6. I _____ to Spain on holiday last year.*
7. She _____ going to China next month.*
8. Frankfurt is a very nice city. Do you live in a house or _____?*
9. I’m sorry, I ______ understand French.*
10. There are very _____ tourists in Berlin in summer.*
11. Hello, I’m Peter Sutton. _____*
12. Where were you born? I _____ born in Hamburg.*
13. Is that the Grand Hotel? _______ book a room.*
14. We can go to the cinema _____ Friday.*
15. I hope I _____ disturbing you. I can call you again later.*
16. It is very _____ to learn a language like Japanese or Chinese.*
17. I live in a small town but the railway station is _____ my house.*
18. You _____ smoke in this part of the restaurant.*
19. I try not to _____ any mistakes when I speak English.*
20. Do you know if Jim _____already left his house?*
21. I _____ in this house for 5 years now.*
22. We must book a table in the restaurant, because soon there will be _____ left.*
23. I am looking forward _____ you at the weekend.*
24. My daughters share one bedroom but my son has _____.*
25. I don’t want to _____ my money on holiday.*
26. Mary would be happier if she _____ a boyfriend.*
27. Could you please _____ me your pen? I haven’t got one.*
28. Would you _____ to have red or white wine?*
29. My teacher has advised me _____ an English course in England.*
30. There was not _____ good news on the television last night.*
31. It _____ no difference if you travel by car or by train.*
32. Do you think it will rain tomorrow? I _____.*
33. Would you prefer to eat Italian or German food?*
34. Ralf is _____ his driving test tomorrow but he thinks he might fail.*
35. The _____ to be an airline pilot takes 2 years and is very hard work.*
36. She is very shy and _____. She doesn’t like going to parties.*
37. We used to live in the city but now we live in the _____.*
38. Would you mind if I _____ the window? It’s very hot in here.*
39. One way of _____ money would be to sell our car.*
40. I can _____ you that we intend to fulfil the terms of the contract.*
41. We started building our house ____.*
42. By this time next year I _____ school.*
43. Most children enjoy _____ given presents at Christmas.*
44. I am having my hair _______ tomorrow.*
45. I don’t think those jeans _____ you at all.*
46. I must put a _____ of your party in my calendar.*
47. I must be at the airport _____ 10 a.m. at the latest.*
48. Prices for petrol _____ a lot from place to place even on the same day.*
49. It’s _____ how well he speaks Russian. He has never been to Russia.*
50. My brother and his friends _____ that pub at lunchtime.*

Sie haben alle(*) Fragen beantwortet? Dann sehen Sie sich Ihr Ergebnis jetzt an!

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